Thursday, May 28, 2009

Burberry & Jimmy Choo Sale!

One of the sales I have been waiting for - Burberry sale!! OMG! *heart beating furiously*

I actually wanted to get one of their bags last year (Autumn '08) collection but they do not have the color I want. The last piece was a display item. I waited the whole season for them to ship that particular color in, but to my dismay, they brought in black color instead for that design... Sigh. So I have to take the risk and see if they would bring it back this Autumn collection.

One more thing - Jimmy Choo is on sale too! Time to get that one pair of that overrated Choo's.

BUT now me, not now... Sigh I can only watch from far.

Control gal, control! Self control! Sigh... I can practically hear Burberry and Jimmy calling my name The agony...


Justine said...

ala bang...beli je..tutup mata when credit card bills arrives, u tutup telinga

Michelle Y said...

Wah don't be a devil... Tak baik! LOL don't tempt me...
Oh BTW Gucci is on sale too! YOU should go! =) I can teman you ;p

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