Friday, January 29, 2010

Team Building - Sky Trex

This is definitely a very overdue post. It was our team building activity, which was held on 18th Dec 2009. Actually, I have been suggesting this activity a few times, and when finally it has been confirmed, I kinda freaked out! LOL I saw the pictures and put myself in the position... When I do that, I realised I'm scared! LOL! But no choice, because I've already confirmed my attendance and I am going no matter what.

Our Marketing team department had our team building at Shah Alam's Taman Pertanian Sky Trex.

Here's with some of my colleagues, before we start the game. Everyone's excited!

We were not allowed to bring in anything with us, including cameras into the real ground. So we only had our pictures taken at the "Practice" area. We were advised on what to do, how to use the gadgets, etc. Then, we each took our turn to try out practice ground. Even that took 3 hours to complete.

1st checkpoint at the practice ground: Walking on high-hanging wooden-platform.

Now, this is the scary part. We have to swing across to a huge net and climb up to the platform. I thought it would be easy, but when you are up there, it's a whole different story altogether.

After calming myself, I had to do it. The thinking is "No matter what, I have to get it over with. Might as well do it now and quit wasting time!" And so I did! Woo hoo!!!!!!!

Then we moved on to the real thing. It was way higher, more challenging, and scarier! It was drizzling when I started the 1st platform but they said it's fine to go ahead, and so we did.
But on the 5th platform, It was raining cats and dogs! I couldn't even open my eyes to see clearly, what more to move around! So the cadets decided to call it off, and we made our way back. Even that took a while cos we need to climb down a long flight of stairs. Then they decided to ask us to Firefox down all the way, which was faster. At the practice ground, I was afraid of this Firefox, but now, with the rain falling down heavily, I couldn't care less. I swung all the way down without thinking twice.

The team building was a failed mission. Apparently there are 20++ checkpoints, and I only did 5. Sigh... Boss said we will pay a visit there again after the monsoon season.

Now I am not as afraid... Actually looking forward to it so that I can complete all the challenges.


Amanda said...

yikes.. you've got the pics from boss. I want them too!
I think i posted your video on facebook. The one of you swinging across on a flying fox!

Michelle Y said...

These are the pictures from LP, and some from mine. Boss' pictures are uploaded in his normal website. Do you still have the website?

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