Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Our honeymoon package

Our honeymoon package is...

10 Days 7 Nights tour to EUROPE!!!


We finally got our dream honeymoon. We have always wanted to go to Europe for our honeymoon, and we have definitely set a budget for this. Scouting and hunting in the Matta Fair has turned out to be very fruitful.

The tour includes countries such as Vatican, Rome, Pisa, Venice,Germany, Amsterdam, Paris... Just to name a few. So excited just reading the itinerary! The Colosseum, Pisa Tower, Eiffel Tower, etc!! OMG!!! I get to go to these landmark and historical places, with the love of my life!

The travel agent that we booked with was Hong Thai Tours & Travel. All in for this tour (including tax and tipping) is about RM7.4K per person.

They were having promotion during the Matta Fair. It was a "Buy 1 Free 2" package. This means that for every Europe tour package that we buy, they will present us 2 packages FOC! Good deal huh?!

The 2 free packages that was given to us include hotel accommodation and ground tour to either 2 of these 3 places:
  1. Shanghai - 5D4N
  2. Chengdu - 5D4N
  3. Guilin - 4D3N
Only thing on our own expense is the air ticket. And the best thing is, these packages are transferable... Hmm thought of giving it to hubby's parents.

Our last stop is Paris. According to the tour, we will put a night in Paris, and fly back to KL. However, just one night in Paris?!?!? After all the distance?!

Hell no! LOL!

We plan to extend our stay there for about 2-3 nights, on our own expense. We'll venture the city of Paris on our own, and take our time to visit their museums and enjoy the lifestyle of the French.

And we checked out the prices of LV and Prada at their online website, and it is hella cheaper than here in KL!! I have to really save to buy the bags that I want when I'm in Paris!

To the romantic city of lights, here we come! Oct 2010 it is! Wait for us!


Steanie Tai said...

Enjoy your Europe trip ! Nice ! :)

Michelle Y said...

Steanie: Thanks! So looking forward to it!

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