Saturday, April 25, 2009

4th Anniversary

LOL I can't believe that I'm celebrating my 4th anniversary! Not because of anything in particular, but it kinda makes me feel old hahaha!

Anyways, we celebrated our anniversary at an Italian restaurant in Pavilion called Italian on Sixth. This is located on the 6th floor.

The atmosphere was tranquillizing... Just the break I need after work. We ordered ourselves a bottle of red wine, and make a decision on our food.
  1. Caesar Salad
  2. Tomato Broth
  3. Charbroiled Lamb Cutlets
We wanted to order a dessert but we were afraid that we won't be able to finish it, so we thought we'll see if we can try the dessert after we are done with our dinner.

The Caesar Salad was delicious!! This has got to be one of my top 3 list of best salad! Strongly recommended for those who loves salad. The tomato broth was also fantastic! It has mussel, scallop, prawn, and has a hint of chili in it. The taste is rather unique. For our main course, the lam cutlets did not failed either. The dish served 3 pieces of lamb cutlets, and it was scrumptious. According to the menu, they have blueberry in the sauce, which I reckon make the dish extra-delicious. Total amount spent here was RM193.00, which I think is rather reasonable. Another point that deserves praise is the service.

Check out the cuff links I bought for Vincent from Raoul. These costs RM199, and I find them absolutely adorable. Of course, Vincent loves it too!



uLi.佑莉 said...

Yo! So what your lou-gong cai bought for u?

Michelle Y said...

LOL he bought the dinner that night. The gift he owes me is a lil bit delayed. We are just waiting for the correct timing to get it. Once he gets that for me, I'll post it up =)

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