Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Holiday: Koh Samui - Day 4

1th April 2009
The 4th day in Koh Samui. Today is scheduled for the Island Safari/Tour. It starts as early as 7.30am! The van picked us up from our hotel and dropped us off at the jetty. They served us light breakfast (croissant and coffee) before we went up our speedboat.

First activity - Snorkeling. The boat ride took almost 1 hour. I went for the snorkerling, and was a lil bit disappointed with it. The fishes here were so much lesser than those I witnessed in Redang. What fascinated me was there were rocks high enough for us to stand in the middle of the sea! I've never seen this before. It is more like a pit stop for those who are tired or for those who didn't saddle their life jacket.

After an hour of snokerlling, the speedboat brought us to another island for canoeing and lunch. Since the canoes were not enough, we were divided into 2 groups. We were the 2nd group, and while the first group went for canoeing, we again happily occupy ourselves with picture taking. Our chief photographer, Mr. Cool CN was so professional!! For a moment, I feel like we were taking our pre-wedding photo shoot when he directed us to do some poses. I strongly propose CN as unofficial photographer!

This picture shows all the NGs as we tried to take pictures of us jumping high up in the air. We've learned to lift up our legs when we jump so that the picture will look like we actually jumped real high up

We continue with some pictures to prepare us for pre-wedding photo shoot (LOL). I think we did not bad huh??

It's finally our turn to canoe! Vincent was hesitant to try this as he said it will be tiring, but we canoed anyways. Mr. Cool CN joined us in the canoe. We were the last to start, and we were the last to reach the finish line LOL. Guess we weren't very compatible huh?

The tour covered our lunch as well, and as you can see, we were not happy with the lunch. We were limited to just a piece of fried chicken each, and the food was tasteless. I would say the tastiest was the mineral water provided.

After our rest from lunch, we went to the Talay Nai (Lagoon inside the Mountain). It is a natural large basin surrounded by limestone mountain. The lagoon is supposedly created by and underground collapse. We had to climb really steep steps and squeeze our ways in caves to get to the top, but it was worth it. The scenic was just sensational!

Island safari/tour ended. It is another hour back to Koh Samui. Obviously everyone is exhausted, as you can tell from the picture below

Once we arrived at the jetty in Koh Samui, we were transported back to the tour company's main office where we had our elephant trekking from the previous day. Here, we had our chance to ride the ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle). It was not easy to handle it as the vehicle is quite old and the road was muddy and had holes everywhere. Some of them actually crashed into the side. I had fun though cos I managed to have 3 runs when we were entitled only for 2 rounds!

For the final dinner in Koh Samui, we decided to hit the local 7-11 and ransacked the place. We were just grabbing food (sausages, instant noodles, bacons, meatballs, teriyaki chickens, etc) off the shelf and had it heated. Strange how we can only do this in their 7-11 and not here. It was a great dining experience though! I wouldn't pass up a chance on doing this again!

Went back to the hotel to pack our stuff as tomorrow is the last day... Hmm can't believe time passes so fast.



lablue said...

wow... u guys had real fun!!...
btw, the cake i made wasnt tasted good, i will make 1 in coming week,provided with recipe in english for u :)

Michelle Y said...

LOL yeah we did!! The whole trip is just more enjoyable with the companions.
Really?! But the cake really looks good! OK thanks for the upcoming recipe. Looking forward to it!

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