Sunday, April 5, 2009

Zen Residence

We have just recently signed the S&P for our 2nd home, Zen Residence in Puchong. The main reason for the purchase of this condo is to prepare for our baby.

The studio unit in Pertama Residency is for us to enjoy our married life, but it is definitely not sufficient and adequate to expand our family. Thus, we have decided to get this place

Below are the details of Zen:

Property Type: Condominium
Land Title: Residential
Tenure: Leasehold
Land Area: 4.08
Built Up: 1,178 - 2,551 sq. ft.
Listing Price: From RM272,900 - RM750,000


# Floating 2-storey clubhouse Zen-inspired hot springs for male and female
# Glass gymnasium
# 2 squash courts
# Zen cafe
# Laundrette
# Games room

Recreational park
# Zen-inspired pool
# Wading pool
# Boardwalk with gazebo
# Sun deck
# Picnic/ BBQ area
# Children's playground

Scented garden
# Flowering/ Scenting shrubs
# Open lawn

Zen garden
# Boulders
# Walking path
# Rock garden

Healing garden
# Bamboo grove
# Gazebo
# Japanese tea area
# Reflexology path

I have to say, the location is unquestionably not my favorite. I find it rather far actually. But somehow, we have finally decided to go ahead with this condo unit based on these few reasons:

• Concept of the condo – The thing we love most is the lanai. I don’t consider it a balcony because this is way larger than a balcony. I’ve always had this visualization that family bonding should be done in an area like this, not in the living hall in front of the TV. I imagine us sitting in the lanai with our child, and us talking and chatting about our day, with cookies and tea.
• The huge garden concept – Healthy living is a must. After dinner, we can take a stroll in the park.
• Security – The multi-tier security is another vital point. With the increase in robbery and theft, Vincent is very worried with the security. To him, our safety is his top priority.
• Offer package – The developer has given about RM30K discount (which is deducted from the down payment). Another advantage is that we do not have to pay progressive interest. Our condo unit also comes with a free kitchen cabinet, and 4 units of air-cond.
• Time period – This place will be ready in 3 years, which gives us just enough time to enjoy our life and for our new baby.

We took a while to decide if this place is worth the investment as the main reason holding us back is the location, but after checking out other developments, we have decided that this is the place we want our baby to grow up in. I want everything to be perfect for my lil baby



Justine said...

alahai..pandai si abang ni pilih rumah..macam penthouse...nak tidur dgn u boleh tak?

Michelle Y said...

Ala!! Thank you =)
Boleh... all welcome tidur same2... kite buat cocktail and margarita same3 ok?

Anonymous said...

Just to say hi, came to know you are a buyer of this Zen, we also book a unit at Block B, type E for our weekend house, coincidentally we also plan our vacation to Koh Samui thru firefly airline in coming Sept.

Michelle Y said...

I just came to see your comment when I was looking at my older posts.

OMG Zen owner too?! I'm meeting so many neighbors through this blog. Ours is the Block A, facing the swimming pool. I forgot which Type we bought ;p

Koh Samui is a great place for vacation! But I'm sure you already know that cos you should be back by now. How was it? Fab rite?!

Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle,

Ooops I definitely had you confused LOL.

I posted comments on both topics you wrote : Zen and Canon 450D. Let me explain a bit first.

When we just decided to purchase a unit from Zen, I did google to search any purchaser, having intention to find out more about this development project, and your blog appear in the search result, then came to know the vacation about Koh Samui which we also planned to go there, and then when I came back to check on your blog, came to know about your new camera which again coincidently I bought it earlier, so as someone who like photography, I posted comments again.....

Having said that Koh Samui is a great place to go, however our activities was quite limited since I brought my 2 daughters together.

It is nice to know you as a future neighbour and someone who bought the same camera and went to the same vacation (same year) What a world ! LOL

Last but not least, I went to Nagomi for lunch a few times too !!

Michelle Y said...

OMG what a coincidence! Same condo, same camera, same lens, same holiday in the same year, and we even go to the same place for food! LOL it's really like those typical movie where everything happens just like that! LOL!

Anyways, thanks for your comments. Really meaningful to me =)

Anonymous said...

Welcome to zen residence...hope to ready by end of this year 2011

Andy Lim said...

Hi...i juz saw u are owner of zen residence...i also wan to buy one unit now ...before tat wan to ask got any problem u are facing after u get the key?developer problem or something advise me...coz i really like the design tis condo ..thanks ya...

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