Sunday, April 26, 2009

Dinner & Drinks @ Santini, KLCC

To unwind and relax, we, i.e. the Rocker Chic, Shy Flirt, Karma Bitch and I went for dinner and drinks in Santini's, KLCC.

We met there around 7pm, and it was already crowded. We took the only available table left, and ordered our food. This time, only myself and Karma Bitch ordered alcoholic drinks, while the other 2 ordered water. Sigh... Seriously, there is no point trying to act innocent. We all know deep down what a drunkard they can be lol

Our orders:
Rocker Chic --> Calzone Pizza (RM25.90)
Shy Flirt --> Caesar Salad with Chicken (RM15.90)
Karma Bitch --> Spaghetti Carbonara (RM 18.90) & Capriosca (RM17.00)
Me --> Club Sandwich (RM15.90) & Bailey's Grunch (RM19.00)

Food comment: Overall, all was good. The Carbonara had raw egg in it, and the Pizza Calzone was huge (Can tell Rocker Chic was not too happy about it!). Beverage part, my Bailey's Grunch was a lil bit bland, and I can hardly taste much Bailey's in it.

Of course, it was another fab night out. I was ready to call it a night, but apparently Rocker Chic needs her daily dose of margarita, so she and Karma Bitch headed to Hartamas for 2nd round! LOL talk about alcoholic! And I was informed that Rocker Chic ordered a jug of margarita when it was only the 2 of them! But, as insisted, she said she just ordered OJ



Karyn said...

hahahahah! good one woman! not bad... ;D

Michelle Y said...

LOL thanks! You like the nickname I gave you? Not bad huh? I think yours is the funkiest! =) You're welcome, BTW.

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