Sunday, April 26, 2009

Baby Full Moon Dinner for Fai Jr

It's been (almost) a month since the birth of lil Fai Jr, and it's time to celebrate the Baby Full Moon. Celebration was held in Junbo Restaurant in Cheras.

We started the dinner quite late because we were waiting for Daddy Fai and Mummy Bing. Apparently the baby was not feeling well and had just taken medication, so he was still sleeping.

The baby finally arrived when we were at our 2nd dish. He is so adorable! So fragile and lovable!

We got the proud parents and lil baby a baby car seat, baby carrier and a handy mini fan. Remaining cash were given to the baby.

Food there was so-so. Some of the food are really salty, and the dessert tasted quite weird. Worst part was I was already hungry by the time I reached home

Mr. Penguin Yew couldn't make it because he had a really urgent meeting - to discuss his life happiness with his future in-laws. Mr. Botak was just busy showing off his new gf, and proving us wrong.

Oh yeah! The baby's name! His name is "Go Keng Yik" (dunno if this is the correct spelling). Here's toasting to a healthy, happy and smart baby! Make his daddy proud by making "millions"!!



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