Monday, April 6, 2009

TVB Series: E.U. (Emergency Unit)

I’ve just finished watching the TVB series – E.U. yesterday night. I reckon this would be one of the best series so far for 2009. I know it’s too early to tell, but after all the 2009 TVB series I’ve watched so far, this has gotta be the one that got me hooked.

I’ve always thought that Michael Miu is a hunk! Macho, and so manly! But the character that got me (and everyone else) talking and missing is “Laughing”. He is the star that shone in this series. I don’t wanna burst the bubbles of those who have not watched this, so all I’m gonna say is he’s an undercover cop for 9 years. I couldn’t believe it in the first place because the way he portrayed his character as one of the person-in-charge of the Chun Hing society was so genuine, I really hated him at first. But as the story progress, we learned about his past and motives, and when he was killed, we started missing him.

I didn’t like the story on Ron Ng and Samuel Chan’s part. For Ron, there wasn’t much story about him being undercover and how he raised to the top, or how he got closed to Michael Miu. For Samuel Chan, he and his never-ending beliefs is a pain.

Anyways, I would say this series is worth a watch. I heard that they are shooting another ending for this series, where Launghing is alive (YAY!).
Rating: 8/10

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