Thursday, April 2, 2009

Pertama Residency

We bought this place in July 2007, and the construction begun in December 2007. It has been almost 1.5 years since, and we are glad that it has made an impressive progress! I called the developer recently, and was informed that they will hand over the keys before October 2009. If that is on schedule, we should be able to have the housewarming party before Xmas 2009!

Finally, a place of our own. The initial logic of buying this place was to accommodate my needs. I refuse to be married without a place of our own lol. And I insist that it must be a newly developed project. As we wanna get married before he's 30, PR was the ideal choice. It will be ready by 2009, and we will have enough time to enjoy our married life before thinking of adding Foo junior

Details of PR as listed below:

Property ID : 12
Property Name : Pertama Residency
Listing Type : For Sales -New
Property Type : Serviced Residence
State : Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur
City : Kuala Lumpur
Location : Jalan Cheras
Postal Code : 56100
Built-Up : 610 sq.ft
Land Area : -
Storey : -
Bedroom : 1
Bathroom : 1
Total Units : 312

I really can't can't can't wait for it to be ready to move in. I can so see myself lazing on the sofa, baking cakes and cookies, a couch for me to read, a jacuzzi and PS3!



alan said...

can exhange new year gift ay your place loooo....

Michelle Y said...

Yes yes!! =) Then I can make some Xmas cookies for all.

uLi.佑莉 said...

Ur jacuzzi allow 3rd party to try on bo? Opppsss...ur toilet all is glass door ar?

Michelle Y said...

Lol yeah all glass door. Of course all are welcome to try if you don't mind the bathroom all-glass concept!
Initial plan was get it frosted, but now, not sure yet. Vincent says it's more romantic with full, non-frosted glass lol ;p

lablue said...

hey, i like the concept of the unit... just nice for new married couple to spend honey moon year!!

Michelle Y said...

Hey thanks for the comment!! =)
We can't wait to move in. Am so excited waiting for it to be ready!

Anonymous said...

hi michelle, i have an unit on the 13th floor, thought of selling, any idea how much is the unit asking price now, appreciate if u could advise me, my contact is +65 98894484, hope to receive your sms soon, tks, rgd Wilson Tan.

Michelle Y said...

Hi Wilson,

I don't know the exact selling price. There are many agents calling and sms-ing myself and my fiance to ask us if we are interested to sell it, but we have never asked them what is the selling price cos we don't have that intention.

According to a forum, a forumer sold his/her unit on the 18th floor with KLCC view at RM295K. I reckon it is a good deal as we have yet to get the keys till now.

Did you bought it for investment?

Anonymous said...

is Pertama Residency still good to buy for investment?? me plan to buy one... asking price 310K very high floor with KLCC view. Anybody wanna let go his unit with a cheaper price for me?
i'm interested to have one.

pls call me at 012-708 9090

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