Saturday, April 25, 2009

Holiday: Koh Samui - Day 5

12th April 2009
Our 5th and final day in Koh Samui. Damn! Time passes so fast when you're having fun. There's so many more things I wanna do here but there isn't enough time... Sigh...

Flight time was 10.55am. We checked in around 9++. Upon checking in, there was a street with shops to chill, dine, drink and shop. The whole scenery looks so calm and enjoyable, but we didn't make a stop there. I wanna get into the Duty Free Shop!

We bought a few bottles from the Duty Free Shop. We wanna place this in our new home to serve to our guests of course (not for our own enjoyment ;p). While waiting to board the plane, the Koh Samui Airport serves free finger food and drinks

Arrived in Subang Airport around 2++. It was a delightful and memorable trip. I'll cherish every moment of it.

Too bad it has to end. Back to reality now.



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