Monday, November 30, 2009

Countdown has begun

Yes folks! The countdown has officially begun!! The countdown to the day where I will sign off my single-hood and live with the marital status of "Married" from then on Love smiley face

30th December 2009 is the day!! The day we will begin our lives as husband and wife. Huge step... Extremely huge! I get the butterflies just thinking about it...

Hmm I wonder if the other 2 couple has the same feeling... I guess Pui Kuan won't feel it since she's already done the wedding ceremony.

Conversation I had with Vincent:

Me: Gosh! 1 more month from today we will sign the papers! Then we will be married!
Vin: Uh huh...
Me: Are you scared?
Vin: Why would I be scared?
Me: I dunno... Just scared lar (duh!)
Vin: Nothing to be afraid of... Unless you are having doubts getting married to me (?)
Me: No lar! Are you kidding? Now only I get the feeling?
Vin: Hmm then what are you afraid of?
Me: Dunno lar! Just scared lar... excited also (Freaking going around in circles)
Vin: I think I will also be scared lar...
Me: HAH! Finally admit it!
Vin: ... Scared meaning my hands will shake lar when I sign and take the oath... Shake cos excited... Not cos I"m doubting the marriage. I want you to be my wife... Sign the papers dy you cannot run liew HAHAHA
Me: ... (but happy to hear it LOL) *pai seh*

Damn dumb LOL!
But yes, I am starting the countdown to this day... The day I will become Mrs. Foo.

Days to our Registration of Marriage: 30


uLi.佑莉 said...

Kekeke....soon ge la... ;D

Michelle Y said...

Hahaha very very soon dy... Very soon we will be married ;p

Amanda said...

Can't wait to call you Mrs Foo instead of Mich !

Michelle Y said...

LOL! I am still trying to get myself used to this term... It feels old wei! ;p
I'll see ya next week! Miss ya babe!

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