Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Chikuyo Restaurant

Since I'm a vegetarian, Vincent had to follow me for vegetarian dinner last weekend. We found a vegan restaurant at the Curve, called Chikuyo.

It's location is rather difficult to locate. If it is not because of their poster and my need to have vegan food, I will not look for this place. But since I'm on a new diet, I had to have my dinner here.

Surprisingly, there were quite a number of patrons here. Almost 50% of the table is occupied, and it was only 5pm. There is this "Tea Station" that is quite special. It's called the tea station, though the deco doesn't really display any station.

I ordered the Fried Crystal Noodle - RM8.00. Very tasty, and healthy! Even Vincent liked it!

I felt like eating something buttery... So I ordered the Butter Prawn with Chili - RM15.00. The "prawn" really did looked like prawn! I'd thought it would be just flour with some coloring to make it look alike, but this is quite different. It was actually mengkuang wrapped with bean curd. Very different from others!

Vincent ordered the Fried Plain Long Bun (RM3.50). He was tired with all the flour and fried stuff from the vegan varieties, so he had this. This was very good too! Yummy and crispy!

Overall, food is not bad with reasonable pricing. Hmm I guess I will only come back if I'm a vegan... If not, I'd go for other restaurant at the Curve.

Lot 153, First Floor, Western Courtyard, The Curve, Mutiara Damansara


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