Monday, November 2, 2009

Sing our hearts out

The ME Marketing Department had our team building / activity on 23rd Oct 2009. Thanks to one of our colleagues, the activity that was selected was karaoke at Green Box, Sg Wang.

Since there were so many of us, boss booked 3 rooms, and naturally, the rooms were separated into by "language" - Chinese songs, Malay songs, and English songs. No point for guessing which room I was in.

For the Chinese and Malay room, everyone was singing, but for the English room, nobody wanted to sing. There was actually 1 pathetic microphone on the table not utilised. Sigh... Only Rock Chic and I sang the whole time.

Singing is definitely not our thing... As shown by Mr. Nutella. Dancing is more for him, esp MJ style. Damn gaya rite?! LOL!

The dude that ran from Chinese room and the English room having a duet with Rock Chic.

I think it's only fair that Rock Chic & I thank those who came to our "concert". Thanks for the support, and obviously thanks to Mr. Nutella for being a great backup singer (one that sings without mic).


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