Sunday, November 15, 2009

The wedding dates are set!

Finally! The dates for our wedding is set and confirmed! Love smiley face

Peeps, the dates to look forward to *drumroll*...
a) Tea ceremony - 12th September 2010
b) Dinner reception - 18th September 2010

We have also paid the deposit for the restaurant today. The restaurant that will hold our happy union with our friends and family is Ah Yat Abalone Forum in Avenue K.

This morning, we went for dim sum with Vincent's parents, and locked the date. Vincent called this restaurant a few days earlier to check the availability and was told that it was taken. Apparently, auspicious dates for next year is very little, so most of the auspicious dates were taken. So Vincent asked the restaurant to double confirm with the previous booked couple if they are seriously taking the date and we will pay on the spot to seal it. The restaurant called him back in 10 minutes to confirm that we can take the date because the previous couple have not decided.

We have always wanted this restaurant because:

  1. It is in KL, which is more convenient for us and also most of our friends and families are based in KL.
  2. The hall size is just right for us to hold about 30 tables. We do not want those hall that will have separation and share the hall with another couple.
  3. The food here is tasty and special. I know most of you have attended lots of wedding dinners and would have already memorised the dishes, but the food offered here is somehow different and a breath of fresh air/taste.
  4. Parking is ample as our guests can park in Avenue K or KLCC. There is complimentary parking for those who park in Avenue K.
  5. Service is at an acceptable level. We attended a wedding dinner here before and the service here is OK... Not terribly good, but better than other restaurants that we have attended.

Now that the wedding dates are set and the restaurant is confirmed, we will have time to concentrate on our house renovation for now. We'll only resume our preparation for our wedding after New Year.

Till then, save the dates in your calendar! Love smiley face


lablue said...

good, settled one of the most troublesome issue !! i used to consider this restaurant for my wedding dinner when it still located at Swisss Garden hotel :)
btw, im using scrapblog to edit my pics, user friendly and lots of choices, u can try it too!
just sign up at and start ur DIY scrapbook!

Michelle Y said...

Yeah one of the main issues settled, then we can move on to the next in the to-do list.
Really?! What a coincidence! =)

Thanks! Will look it up and try it. I really love the pictures you did!

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