Sunday, November 8, 2009

The chosen auspicious dates!

Chinese believes that with the auspicious dates, they will be blessed with health, good fortune, and good luck. To choose our auspicious dates, both our date of births from the Lunar Calendar with our birth time were taken into calculating which date would be best for us.

Coming from a superstitious family (dad is a businessman), I want to have an auspicious date for both the house warming and wedding. Vincent's parents said that Vincent was adopted by this "Wong Dai Dai" in a temple in Seapark when he was a baby. So we have to go back to that place to get the dates. We went there last Sunday. This is actually the first outing I have with his parents LOL!

Upon arrival, we fufill our duties with prayers. It's been awhile since my last visit to a temple. I used to go to temples more often when I was living with my dad.

These are actually the "Fu" - Piece of paper with chants to wrath of evil or cure sickness. There is this practice where this paper is burnt in a glass, pour water in it, and drink it.

The place to burn the paper prayers.

Setting of the table of offerings to the God.

They gave us a couple of dates for both our house warming and wedding. We told them our preferences first, i.e. which month we would prefer to have it, and they gave us a few options to work around.

Once we have decided which date, Vincent's parents have to go back to this place 3 months prior to our wedding dates. They will need to get the timing, the list of offerings, and the to-do's for the wedding.

Now that we have the dates for our house warming and wedding, we will move to the next step. For the house warming, we have 2 dates to select, which we will decide depending on the renovation progress... While for the wedding, we will decide based on the availability of restaurant. Stay tune to find out the auspicious dates!


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