Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Lord of the Key

To myself and my fiance, the most important and valuable key to start our lives together is the Pertama Residency house key. We bought the place way back in Aug 2007, and after of 2 years waiting (in agony), we finally got our hands on the precious key! Whee!! Happy smiley face

We received the letter from the developer notifying us of the collection of key and vacant possession on 29th Oct 2009, but at that time, we are unable to collect the key because we have to wait for the bank to disburse the final payment and settle the late interest payment issue.

On the 3rd Nov 2009, Vincent went to the developer to settle the deposit and miscellaneous fee. We tried to argue on the late interest payment, but the developer insist that they must receive the payment before they hand us the key. For the bank to investigate, it will take freaking forever! So we've decided to fork out the money ourselves.

Done with the developer, it was then up to the efficiency of the bank to disburse the payment. Vincent made a call to them on Monday, and we received good news! Money has been forwarded to the developer, and appointment was made to collect the key today! Yet another historic day - 11.11.09 - The day we collect our key!

We arrived at 10.30am and was brought to our unit. I was so excited! My very first house! Mine! facebook smileys Erm well, technically, it's OURS! But still... Our own place!

We checked the place thoroughly, and also the furniture. There were some minor cracks at the kitchen wall, and there was no water once we flush the toilet bowl. Other than that, everything was pretty fine. I guess we are lucky because we heard some units were complaining about worse things.

We settled the rest of the paperwork, and our car park. They gave us this house rules (which I have not read). We stopped by our swimming pool area and it looks FAB! Fantastic scenery, and there is a pool table where we can hold parties and gatherings. Looks like a good place to hold the house warming smiley face

I did took a few pictures of our unit, but I won't post it up (yet). Lemme get it done and then I'll post it up, I promise!


alan said...


Tze said...

Congrats to the both of you! Wish I could be there...and you could come to my house warming...if only...

Michelle Y said...

Alan: Thanks! Yours is also very soon =)

Tze: I wish you could be here too. The gals are coming over for Xmas... Some potluck thingy.
We will definitely have a chance to go to your new place... That will be time where we attend your wedding! =)

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