Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A quiet but memorable birthday

Happy birthday to you...
Happy birthday to you...
Happy birthday to Vincent...
Happy birthday to you!!

Today is Vincent's birthday... A year older (but still very hot-tempered), an extra year of birthday memory.

This year, we celebrated his birthday in a a place that's really important to us... Our new home. I was not feeling well today (actually for a couple of days), so instead of going out for dinner, we had dinner at our new place.

The other day while doing our grocery shopping, we bought some food as well. So I whipped up a simple meal for us using just the microwave over (too lazy and weak to wash the wok).

First up, it's Cheese Sausage. Had to trial and error a couple of times with the oven, and finally used the Auto mode and it worked! Thing with using the oven instead of cooking this in a wok is that it is less oilier.

Another dish is the Honey and Chili Sausage. This brand is really good! I don't have the brand name with me, but I have 3 more sausages left. I'll check out the name of the brand and post it soon.

This is the bacon. We didn't get the streaky bacon cos it looks very fattening. I have this in the oven for about 2 minutes and it's done!

A processed food. This can actually costs RM7! But it's so simple. Just open the can, pour it into a bowl, drop it in the oven, set it at 2 minutes, and it's done! And it tastes good too!

This pizza slice is a little bit trickier. The Auto button has "Pizza" option, and the "Steamed Frozen Food". This pizza is frozen and also pizza. I tried the Pizza option and it didn't work - I guess that option for those baking pizza from scratch. So I took the Steamed Frozen Food option. In 3 minutes, it is done! The bread is actually very soft. Folks, this pizza is the TESCO brand. For those skeptical to choose the TESCO brand, I can tell you that some of their F&B are quite tasty, and for less than half the price compared to other brands in the market.

I know, I know... These are all processed food which I threw it in the oven and called it a "meal"... LOL! Hey I'm not feeling well... That should be taken into consideration. But obviously that can't be the way I'm gonna celebrate my finance's birthday. I will cook a full meal this Saturday for him, serve with wine and cake.


uLi said...

Kekeke...seems the birthday celebration for our fiance are so much simple compare to last time :p

Michelle Y said...

uLi: Hahaha that's true! Fiance dy... No need to use so much brain energy anymore ;p

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