Monday, November 16, 2009

Saturday Night Live @ Bangkok Jazz

We were suppose to watch the hyped-up movie, 2012 last weekend, but Vincent didn't want to purchase the tics yet cos he thought his friends will have an outing to celebrate 2 of his friends birthday. Unfortunately, the birthday boys are not free, and we failed to buy the tics on Saturday morning as the GSC website's traffic was too heavy.

So, we ended up in Bangkok Jazz with Alex and Phoebe. When we arrived at about 11pm, the place was already (too) crowded, and the crowd was really wild that night! Everyone was so high!

Vincent ordered red wine for me, but he and Alex had red wine and beer. Might I add that later that night, Phoebe's cousin joined us (after his performance), bringing along his whisky, and they both drank that too! With wine, beer and whisky all mixed up in their blood, both of them were fine. Vincent got up in fine for dim sum the next day! Amazing!

The live band consists of 7 members and they called themselves Common Grounds. Phoebe's cousin brother is in a band - He's on the drums. These are the 4 members with instruments - Keyboard, bass, lead guitarist and drums. The bass guitarist sang 2 songs that night too, one of which is a Thai song. I reckon he sounded really good!

These are the 3 lead singers - All with their distinctive voices and genre. That night, the performances were dedicated to the beloved late Mr. Micheal Jackson. They did a really good job in impersonating the King of Pop, I must say.

It was a good night. After their last song, we stayed till about 3.30am. The band is gonna perform again next week. Sigh I dunno... sometimes I do prefer going to pubs like this than clubs (read: sometimes). I guess age is really catching up.


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