Saturday, January 9, 2010

Cafe Stelle by Raffles

Went shopping the other day in Pavilion. As usual, Vincent was tired after a while and wanted to take a break. As we were thinking where to chill, we stumbled across this cafe on level 2 of Pavilion, which is in front of Prada. We've always wanted to try this but always forgot about it. Now, the timing is just right! We went straight in.

The name of the cafe is Cafe Stelle by Raffles. The place is super crowded with people chilling with their drinks and hi-tea. We could only get a seat at almost the end of the cafe.

This cafe is smacked right in the middle of the couture/branded shops on level 2. The cafe's design is long, and it has a runway in the middle of the cafe. Ambience was just perfect! I get to enjoy the air-cond, and get to step inside the shops while waiting for our food to arrive!

They were having promotion on their hi-tea set. RM 50 nett for a set for 2. At that time of the day, they do not serve anything else except for beverages, so we took that set.

The set came with either coffee or tea. Ironically, we both ordered coffee. It was served with fresh warm milk and brown sugar. I asked if there is refill but was told that there is no refill for coffee but they do refill for tea. WTH...

It took them quite a while to serve us our food. They were very busy cos it was a full house. Finally, when the tray of food came, we were so excited hahaha! Everything looks delicious! Every dish was served in 2 so each of us get our equal share. Their sandwiches are really good! By the time I finish that, I was too full to have their sweet servings, especially the cake.

This was served as well for the food.

It is indeed a good place to relax. I wouldn't mind going again the next time we need to unwind on our shopping trip.

Couture Pavilion, Level 2, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur
03 2118 8822


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