Saturday, January 16, 2010

First lunch with "HuSBaNd"

We had this lunch right after our ROM on 30th Dec 2009. Done with the photoshooting, we were exhausted.We couldn't even be bothered to go home to shower first and drive out for lunch cos we know we will be too tired to move our ass.

Hesitant to go into KL area for dim sum lunch, we stepped in the Shark's Fin Restaurant.

We were surprised that they did not serve dim sum (sigh), so we had no choice but to get other food. Their specialty? Already clearly hinted in the name of their restaurant, i.e. shark's fin. No fan of shark fin, we skipped that. This place sells shark's fin like selling dim sum. The shark's fin were placed on a tray with plastic wrapping each group and price labelled on them. This is so cruel to the sharks! So unfair to them when you just take their fin and leave them to die in the ocean.

Braised peanut served as appetizer.

The rest of the food we ordered for the day.

I can't recall the total price we paid that day, but I do know that we don't be coming back to this place. Not that the food is no good, it's just not what we want and nothing special that I want to have again, or at least try.


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