Thursday, January 7, 2010

Gift from my boss

This is definitely something worth blogging. At least when I look back, it will bring back memories.

It was only half day work on the eve of Xmas 2009. My boss gathered us around and he gave a speech on the close of a year and how it has been for us. Then, he said he got all of us something! Shocked, we all perk our eyes and ears to see what it was.

That's my boss. I told him to hang on while I get my colleague to take a photo of this historic moment LOL!

Curious with what he gave each and everyone of us, all of us were so excited! The box that he gave me has my name on it, personally written by him.

After opening the box (a size of a mascara), it was a PEN in the box. Brand is Caran d'Ache. I've never heard of this brand before. Boss said we can buy the ink refill at their shop, which he won't mention where and warn us not to complain on how costly it will be for the refill.... Hmm...

Well, I googled the brand and found this from their website:


Caran d’Ache, founded in 1924 by Arnold Schweitzer, was a product of Switzerland’s long history of watchmaking and jewellery manufacture. Today, it is the epitome of superior quality and recognized expertise.

The company is the country’s only manufacturer of pencils, fine-arts materials and luxury writing instruments. It is a symbol of Swiss technical excellence, precision, reliability and innovation.

Damn! Then I know that it is a freaking expensive brand, and found out that the have a shop in Pavilion. The pen that boss brought was the Astrologie Ballpoint pen. It has all the zodiac sign and date of birth. Mine below has my birthday! This is my very own personalised zodiac pen!

Other than the date of birth, it has the picture of your individual zodiac sign! Mine is the lion (Leo).

I love my new pen! I tried the pen and it was really smooth. You can really feel the difference when you write with this pen! For those who always in need of a good pen, you know where to get it now!


uLi.佑莉 said...

Nice gift, but I hardly use pen nowadays...hehehe! I use keyboard :p

Amanda said...

That's really nice of him !

Michelle Y said...

uLi: Hahaha I still use the pen to get my stuff done, esp my checklist. It feels better to write somehow.

Amanda: Yeah it is, isn't it?! Awfully sweet! =)

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