Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Celebration @ WIP, BSC

A whole bunch of went for a celebration at WIP last Friday. What was the celebration? A couple of promotions that happened in the office. With promotions, it is definitely an excuse to celebrate!

Vincent came along this time because he was on leave the other day, and brought his SLR to take the pictures. The WIP menu.

We were the first to arrive. The rest were quite late due to the jam. Shy Flirt was only there at almost 9pm! Since we were early, we got to enjoy the Happy Hour Promotion, which was 2 glasses of Heineken @ RM25.

The different type of mojito's they ordered.According to Nutella, WIP is the only place that serves a huge variety of mojito.

Rock Chic ordered the Caesar Salad. Huge serving, and very delicious!

I ordered this salmon-something-salad, and it tasted awful! OMG worst ever! I couldn't event touch the vege. The taste is just horrible!
Vincent ordered the Lamb dish. It's just average, but for the price that comes with it, I would say you can get better tasting ones around.

Some candid shots for the night:

Congrats to Rock Chic promoted to Manager, and Nutella to Senior. I myself got promoted too! Hehehe!


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