Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dim Sum Breakfast @ Taman Connaught

Craving for yet another round of mouth-watering dim sum, I asked for hubby's idea on where to go for dim sum. I want someplace new and not in a restaurant. I want it to be an outdoor-ish type stall... Something more "home-ish". And he said we could try to look for it in Connaught... He said he had been to this dim sum shop before but can't exactly remember where, but we took the risk anyways.

After missing a turn and doing 2 U-turns, we finally got to the place. It was full house just judging from outside. This place is called Kedai Kopi dan Makan Seong Kee.

The waiters were carrying around the trays with just a few varieties of dim sum, and there are a whole lot of them. The varieties of dim sum is so much! Much more than the restaurant offers. We got greedy and grab a whole lot. We didn't even have enough time to take the pictures and we were hungry... So hubby just took a few snap shots so that I don't get pissed LOL!

This is the Salad Prawn, Fried Wonton, Fishball, and Steamed Rice Flour with Prawn. All I can say is yummy yummy yummy! I reckon it is so much tastier than any other restaurants I've tried.

Fried fishball

Steamed Siew Mai - Not really my favourite, but it's OK.

This is something new for dim sum breakfast - Fried Roasted Pork. One word - AwEsOMe!

One thing hubby must have is porridge, and this is the Century Egg Porridge. The best difference between this and the one served in restaurants is that this is served in a smaller bowl, which is just perfect!

This is for myself only - the Bittergourd. As long as you eat this vege, you will like this dish!

There is another dish that we never took a picture of. We were too busy eating and have kept the camera away. So anyways, the other dish is the Tau Fu cooked ala Yong Tau Fu. Total for this dim sum breakfast that got us all full is only RM30!

Definitely a great visit and experience. We wanna be back soon to this place to try the rest of the dim sum! Will so post the next visit.


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