Saturday, January 2, 2010


As my ROM pictures will only be ready by next week, I'll upload those then. For now, I'll keep posting on the happenings in Dec 09. It feels good to look at these pictures hehe!

For Xmas eve of 2009, we host our first ever Xmas party at our new home. I spent the day cleaning and getting the food ready for everyone. It was a Xmas-party-cum-open-house. Our guests are only Vincent's friends. We have decided to separate group by group for easier handling. This is our last Xmas together as bf/gf and fiance/fiancee. Then, it will be celebrated as husband and wife.

The food we bought for the dinner. We rented the swimming pool area so that we won't have to clean up too much mess.

And what is a party without alcohol? This gang only drinks red wine nowadays. For that night, they finished 12 bottles of red wine!

Cute lil baby Torres joined us for this joyous celebration. LOL he's so cute!

The dudes went for a brief swimming activity and tried out the jacuzzi. The water was so cold that night. Luckily, the water at the jacuzzi was warm.

The ladies - picture time.

It was gift exchange time. Total participants and gifts was 19. The gifts were numbered and everyone will draw a number, which is not to be announced. Then, each of them has a change to exchange the number with anyone. Once everyone is done, each of us collected our gifts.

The gifts for the year of 2009. With the budget of RM55 (max), it is really difficult to get something that suits everyone. I got a battery charger, and Vincent got a speaker. We have no idea what to do with it so far. But then again, we can't complain cos some of them got the weirdest gifts ever! LOL!

The gang.

Merry Christmas all! It was a hella night!


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