Monday, January 11, 2010

Happy New Decade

Other than having the Xmas celebration at our new place twice, we had the New Year celebration as well. I guess being older does "mellow" one. Last time, we used to go to BB or Bangsar for countdown ignoring the horrible traffic and overly-crowded venue. Now, that idea seems so ridiculous and nobody would wanna suggest that at all.

To ring in the NY of 2010, we had dinner together at a restaurant near our place. Initial plan was to have dinner in KL at some fancy restaurant, but we dread the traffic in KL area by the time we are done with dinner. So, to keep things simple, we have dinner at this restaurant.

After the dinner, Vincent's friends came to our place for the countdown. Hui Peng brought along her mini mahjong and got 2 players to join her, and her "husband" got the other dudes to play roulette using their i-pod.

Our first NY celebration as husband and wife hehehe!

About 10 minutes to 12am, we gathered around our bedroom as it overlooks the KL view. We all waited patiently for the fireworks, and at the stroke of midnight, the fireworks happened!

For the first time, we witnessed fireworks in different places (although we can't figure out who is lighting the fireworks)! Pops of vibrant colors filled the sky that night, coupled with the KLCC Twin Tower and KL Tower view. It was just awesome!

Happy New Year all! Happy New Decade! Here's to health, wealth, happiness and joy to all!


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