Thursday, January 7, 2010

Wedding stress

I never thought I would be facing this, but I am. When you least expect it, it bites you (hard) on your face! Dammit!

I thought everything about my wedding would be quite simple with minimum planning and scheming... But I thought wrong. Sigh I am facing so much trouble now, I think I might not be able to get what I want for my wedding done in time. Or maybe I'll just get something that's 2nd best.

You dream about your perfect wedding, down to the minor details. I have to say, reality is (so) far from it. With only 8 months left ( I thought I have more time than this!), I am beginning to feel the stress (and downside) of planning a wedding.

I've thought about getting a checklist, but fark that... Can never be discipline enough to follow it. I wanted to do everything myself, to DIY everything since it's my wedding, and always thought wedding planners are a waste of money. But then again, I might consider hiring 1 since this is taking up too much of my time and brain cells.

I have venue, bridal studio, makeup artist, photographer, videographer, Chinese customary tradition, etc to worry about. Even listing out my problems seems never ending, what more to solve it! Of course, nothing beats family problem... Sigh... HELP! *suffocating*


uLi.佑莉 said...

8 months is actually quite alot of time for you both to plan out the thing...Wedding planner is good but don't you think the wedding which plan out by you both is more precious and memorable? Just my 2cents =)Good luck =)

Michelle Y said...

uLi: 8 months is far away. It's just getting all the vendors/suppliers booked for my wedding dates is the trouble!
I won't get a wedding planner lar... Not worth it. I'd prefer to plan my wedding myself... More work, but it is my wedding ;p

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