Tuesday, January 26, 2010

To give or not to give?

I feel like putting a stop to this blog. Sigh am bored, and I don't have the time to update. And I know it is annoying to go to blog to check for updates regularly and not find any update. I get pissed off when that happens, so I have to avoid that from my blog.

But then again, when I look back at my posts, I realised I have many sweet memories that I cherished dearly.

I guess I am having this mood swing is because I am farking pissed at streamyx for taking FOREVER to install my internet connection. What a BS when they claimed to be the fastest and the best! Seriously! And the idiot that answered my call when I call to inquire on the status is another FU psycho. Pulling an attitude on me! WTF?! This is what you call customer service?! It's OK. I have already filed a complaint letter, and will do it again this weekend. My only regret is that I didn't ask for that idiot's name.


Plus, I would wanna blog about my wedding preparation so that I can look back and see what a mess I am LOL!
Well, I guess blogspot will have to endure my shit a while more then.


Steanie Tai said...

I do visit your blog sometimes.. Eventhough I'm not an active blog people..

Keep writing ya.. Supports for you !!

Michelle Y said...

Hahaha thanks for the support!
Sometimes just damn lazy to update it... But when look back, it is worth it.

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