Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thank-you brunch

As a way of showing my gratitude to my ji muis for coming to my ROM, I told them that I will be buying them a meal. After discussing and picking a date where everyone is free, we have decided to go for dim sum brunch. YT suggested this place in Damansara Jaya. Since I have not try it before, I said OK!

We arrived at about 11am and the place is already crowded. Luckily, some of us have already arrived and taken a number. They even provide a plce outside for patrons to wait for their turn.

We didn't manage to snap any food pictures because all of us attacked the food right after it was served on the table. Vincent gave up taking any pictures and dug in too! The food here is good, and for a place like this, the ambience is acceptable. One dish worth mentioning is the Salted Egg Yolk Pau. Yes, the filling of the pau is egg yolk. This is Mama Ying Tzu's fav!

Total bill for 7 of us is RM127.90, which is reasonable as we ate till we can't anymore.

I wouldn't mind coming back to this place, but definitely not so soon. The only deterrance is the distance from my place. This would be recommended for peeps living in PJ area.


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