Monday, January 4, 2010

Xmas party with the Gals

For our 2nd round as host for the Christmas of 2009, we have invited my best friends to come over. We have started our very own gift exchange in the spirit of Xmas last year at JT's and YT's. This year, it is my new home.

We have a pot luck session. Since Lisa said Western is so passe, we cancelled any spagetti or pasta. Lisa actually brought "tai chow"! The cake that Blay brought was absolutely delicious and so sinful! I ate so much of the cake! It was really really good! She said she bought it from a shop in Bangsar and it costs RM10 for each.

For the gift exchange, it was a little different this year. We all submitted our very own wish list, and each of us will have to buy what the person has requested. We did set a budget to get the items, and it is up to the Santa to get what his/her elf has requested. I guess this way, it is much easier, and we all get to have what we want... Which is awesome!

The weirdest and funniest wish list was Francis'. He actually asked for flowers and chocolates for Xmas! LOL! And the top of the icing was his Santa is Kevin! It was so weird what a guy is giving another guy a bouquet of flowers and chocolates!

I requested for hair straightener but my Santa can't get anything good at the price range fixed, so he gave me cash instead hahaha! Thanks JT! Vincent requested for futsal shoe, and Blay got him a pair of shoes... But Vincent said he can use it for his badminton sessions.

In true Xmas spirit, Beatrice has asked us to put in the effort to wrap our gifts cos there will be a gift for the best wrapped present. How sweet! Hahaha! We all have decided that Francis should win it since he DIY-ed the wrap and also the decorative flower. The price was a box of chocolates (again!) hahaha! We opened it and ate it immediately since Beatice claimed it is the bestest chocolates ever!

It was a really fun night. Although we didn't get to swim this time, I hope we will be able to swim next time! Wish Tze and Mae was here to join us tho.


Tze Yu!n said...

I wish I was there too! Thanks for thinking of Mae and I! Miss you!!

Michelle Y said...

We do think of you and Mae babe! Wish we can celebrate Xmas together, one day!
Miss ya too! *hugs*

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