Saturday, May 29, 2010

Coach sale!

Yes! It is the first Coach biannual sale!

Coach wrapping box

I know that they will be having this sale soon, so I've waited patiently for this moment. And just yesterday night, we were in Pavilion to watch Prince of Persia, and we walked by Coach... Where I saw the word "CLEARANCE"! I just drop everything and walked in straight away.

I knew I wanted to get a wristlet. I've been using my white purse for ages, and it's very filthy, to say the least. And my wait has turned out to be very fruitful! I've managed to get a wristlet for myself.

Wristlet wrapped neatly

Ta-da! My wristlet! The Summer/Spring Clearance offers a discount of 30% for the Summer/Spring collection. The retail price for this is RM325. With the 30% discount, the price for this is RM228. Not a bad deal huh? I reckon so LOL!

My new Coach wristlet

The sale started on 27th May 2010. Now, go get your Coach deal!


Anonymous said...

hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

Steanie Tai said...

Nice nice :)

Michelle Y said...
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Michelle Y said...

Hi! Thanks for dropping by. Visited your blog too and it was awesome! Great job!

Thanks thanks! :)

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