Thursday, May 6, 2010

Preparing the formal wedding invitation

For our wedding, Bankers Club does not provide wedding invitation card. This is different from other wedding venues as this is normally included in their package. They normally will include wedding invitation card for about 5 cards per table. But for Bankers Club. it is not provided.

It is not a really big deal for us cos there are many card printing shops at hubby's parents place, and I know, if we take the effort and time, we will be able to find the design that we want and at the budget set.

So, back in February during one of the Saturdays, we got up early and drove to Pudu. Had our breakfast there, and started our hunt. It was a bright, sunny day, but we braced ourselves and walked from shop to shop, searching for our wedding invitation card.

Chinese wedding invitation card

We had some difficulties at first, cos most of the shops have more choices and varieties for Malay wedding card - Not too much focus or design for Chinese card, which is really weird.

I told hubby that I don't want my card to be red. It is very typical and kinda boring already with red. What I want is white. With that set in mind, it is easier for us to decide, but harder to find a shop that offers white cards with the design that I want.

After an agonising search for 45 minutes under the hot sun, we finally stumbled upon this shop named Nagamas. The moment we walked in, the shop assistant asked what we want, and we asked if they have Chinese wedding card invitation, and she gave us 2 big albums with a huge variety of choices for Chinese wedding card. I was so happy that I found a shop that has more than 20 choices of Chinese wedding card to choose from.

Wedding invitation card @ Nagamas

After about 20 minutes looking again and again at their designs, we have decided on a card! Yay! I wanted something more elaborate, but let's face it - Nobody will keep the card. As long as the card serves its purpose, which is to inform and invite our guests, it is more than perfect already. A more elaborate card will cost more, and that extra multiply with the number of guests amounts to a relevant increase in our card expenses. So, I have to stick to the budget that hubby had set, and still get to order the card that almost fit my requirement.

Me choosing the invitation card

After finalising on the amount for the card that we have chosen, the sales assistant handed us a piece of paper for us to fill up. It is basically the name and particulars of the bride and groom and their family, and also the dinner details.

I have the form with me till today, but I still have not completed the form because I need to have my parents' name in Chinese characters. This is a very tough and challenging task for me as I don't read and write Chinese characters. I'll have to bring it back to my mum to have her complete the part for me.

We should be going back to Nagamas by end of this month to place our order. They will take roughly 1 month to deliver the cards to us. So, we should be getting our card by end of June, and the cards will be sent out by mid-July, which is only 2 months from my wedding *yikes*!

Time passes so fast, and I have tons and tons of things to prepare for my wedding, but here I am, still lazing around. We have finally selected our pre-wedding pictures and cut down the 500 poses to 125 poses *phew*! We'll be visiting Eyeshot this weekend to design our album.

And I know, I'm suppose to post up pictures of my wedding gown trial, pre-wedding pictures, and even some of my pre-wedding ROM pictures! I'll get to it hehehe! Once I'm done with this book that I'm reading *smilez*


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