Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Malacca - Part 3

Continuing from where I left off from the Malacca trip, we headed for our dinner search for Day 1. Recommended by many websites and forum, we made our way to the Portugese Village.

Portugese Settlement

Once we walked down from our car, a number of people came charging towards us, all asking us to patron their respective store. All I could hear was "no. 4", "no. 8", "no. 7" etc. Everyone was just busy shopping their store number.

We couldn't decide but we had a recommendation from the internet... But it was confusing. We can't exactly find the restaurant that we want, so we settled with this: Restoran 88 - Stall No. 4.

Restoran 88 Portugese Seafood

There were a total of 15 of us, so we had 2 tables. Most of the food were ordered in double quantity. I have to say, even though the food listing in their menu looks absolutely mouth watering, but in reality, it was far from it. The only thing that I can taste from their food is pure spiciness. Not other taste whatsoever. It was just bland except for spiciness. I reckon I can cook better fried rice than this LOL!

Our dinner

After the less than satisfying dinner, we took a stroll along Jonker Street. The gang totally lost all their appetite and couldn't add in any other food into their stomach. So basically, the walk at Jonker Street was almost useless, except that we bought some pineapple tarts to bring home.

Look at these food! I really wanted to try them, but my stomach can't endure anything else after the dinner.

Portugese Tart @ Jonker Street

Variety of snacks @ Jonker Street

After about an hour's walk, N.G. insisted that he wants to go for the ever-famous cockles. We drove to this place, and to my surprised, it was just a dark lane with minimum lighting, and people there are almost squatting enjoying the cockles! And to top it off, it was still very crowded at 10pm, and they are already sold out!

Squatting at a back lane for cockles

Truly and eye opener, this style of eating cockles really amazed me. It was just plain cockles boiled in hot water. I guess the most attractive part is the sauce that goes with it. It has got to be one of the best sauces I've ever tasted! Now I understand why the crowd.
Famous cockles

After the cockles, N.G. urged us to go for the "Fried Oh Chien" (fried oyster). He claimed that it is very good, and we should go for it. Since it was just down the road from the cockles, we went ahead.

The crowd here is even more than the one at the cockles. Every customers just stood there and wait patiently for their fried oyster. Thing is, they don't do eat in customers. All are take away. There is a kopitiam next to it, and we waited for our fried oysters there.

The famous uncle frying the oyster

After about 45 minutes wait, we finally got our fried oyster! Ta-da! The first time I have this in small bits and pieces, and best of all, it has no starch! I don't like starchy food.

I'd reckon the best thing about this is that it is very different from the one we have in KL. Even the oyster is much smaller in size. N.G. even ordered extra 3 packets to go.

Famous Fried Oyster

That was how we ended Day 1. So much food, so much walking. Coming up, the best food ever in Malacca!


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