Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Loaf @ Pavilion

This is one of our favourite hangout in Pavilion - The Loaf. Bread and pastries have never been in hubby's list, so I rarely get to enjoy myself at a pastry cafe. But this is an exception. We like it here because the breads and pastries here taste so different!

The Loaf @ Pavilion

What makes this bakery stand out from the rest is really the taste. I have to say, the smell and taste of their products are captivating! Don't expect you can save money by having your meal at this bakery, because their prices are above average.

Every time we pass by, we are always too full to try their range. So the other day, we bought some back home for our supper. Check out their packaging! Very stylo hahaha~

Ta pau packaging

Since it was time to go crazy, we bought a total of 5 choices home that day. Now, I lost the receipts and can't really recall their name and prices. So am doing my best here.

5 choices

One of my favourites from this bakery - Quiche. I actually love the Salmon Quiche, but they didn't have it and only had this Chicken Quiche. So I grabbed it. Their quiches are a good hit, and always sold out. Totally recommended.

Chicken Quiche

They have monthly promotions and new menu. When it's a new product, it's 50% off. This is one of it - Naan. Can't really remember the name exactly. This is quite thick and hard to chew. Not my cup of tea.


Hubby picked this Chicken & Mushroom Pie. Not too bad if you are not too fussy.

Chicken & Mushroom Pie

This is hubby's favourite - Chicken & Ham. I chose this for him as I reckon this would be the most normal bakery that he would take, and sure enough, he likes it. I have gone to this place 3 times in a month, and all 3 times, I got this for hubby.

Chicken & Ham

I really can't remember what this is... Something Caramel if I'm not mistaken. I see people queue for this and when they buy this, they purchase in dozens. Being a typical kiasu, I've decided to try one. And sure enough, I was very impressed. The filling in this is just so yummy - not overly sweet, but just enough to capture my tastebud. Divine!


Totally in love with their varieties of pastries. I've been back 3 times in a month. As this place is just behind my office, I will definitely be coming back more often.

*Disclaimer: The views expressed here are based entirely on our personal experiences and tastebuds. We also declare that we have not receive any monetary or non-monetary compensation from this place for expressing our thoughts.


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