Sunday, May 2, 2010

Introducing our baby - Ginger!

I'm so excited! We have a new "baby", and she is absolutely ADORABLE! She is so gorgeous OMG!! *swoon*

So, what happened was we went to Eyeshot yesterday to collect our wedding pictures (yes, it is ready!). After that, we were suppose to have dinner with my mum but it was still early and the plan was to go to Ikea to grab some stuff but everywhere was freaking jam because it was a public holiday. So we skipped that and went to Kepong, where it all happened.

There's this pet shop where we used to go to look at dogs, and this time, for no reason, we just went in to have a look. The moment we saw her, it was really love at first sight. She reminded us so much of Moniq. It was almost like looking into Moniq's eyes all over again.

The sales girl saw us and was briefing us about the puppies. We can't help ourselves and asked if we can carry the puppy. Surprisingly, we didn't ask to carry her first. This was our first choice - A poodle.


She's so cute and tiny - the size of my palm! We carried her and although we like this puppy, we kept looking at another puppy, and hubby can't stand it anymore, and asked to carry her instead - Which was a Miniature Schnauzer.

The moment I carried her tiny little frame and looked into her eyes, I was hooked. I can't take my eyes off her. She looked at me with those lovable eyes and started jumping and moving and kicking in my grasp. My heart skipped a beat when I held her, and she made me all warm and fuzzy that I almost teared.

We decided to leave her and take a drink. We don't wanna make any mistake in bringing her home, but after the 30 minutes drink, I've begun to miss her terribly, and so does hubby. That was when we knew we had to bring her home, and be a part of our family.

Hubby made a call to his dad to get the cage out, and his mum to prepare for the puppy. When his parents heard, they were all very excited and kept calling hubby's phone non-stop hahaha! I guess everyone has been longing for this moment.

We returned to the shop, but there was a couple looking at her. They were deciding if they wanna take her home instead! I panicked, and prayed hard that they don't. And indeed, we were fated to be family. The couple said they'll think about it and leave, and we went straight to the counter and say we want to take the puppy home!

So, here she is. My new baby girl, Ginger! Ain't she the cutest?!

My baby girl - Ginger

The sales girl then took her out and say she will need some time to clean her up and beautify her LOL! We said we'll wait in the shop. Since I had time, I checked out some of the other puppies they have available.

This has been my long-time favourite - the Golden Retrieve. I love the coat and how beautiful she will grow up to be. But I can never own one because I don't have the space in my house for a dog this big. It would be a pity if she can't have her freedom.

Golden Retriever

Check out this cute lil Maltese. Massively posing for me to take her picture LOL!


Now, this Pug has got to be one of the smartest dogs I've ever met in my life. See, they keep him in this cage and locked him up, but once the person leaves the room, he will use his nose to open the door, and let himself out! I've never seen any dog ever know how to do that!

Smart Pug

Around 30 minutes later, the sales girl returned with my Ginger. She groomed her and finished her off with perfume. All made up, she passed her to me. Ginger is the name that I've given her. I reckon it's really ladylike and fits her very well.

We brought her home and hubby's dad was all smiles. I've never seen him so happy before. When he first saw her, he called her Moniq instead. I guess it will be difficult for everyone to change the habit. Even hubby's sister returned home early to greet lil Ms. Ginger!

She's one active lil fella. She moves non-stop! Jumping and running and hopping too! She can't walk properly yet cos she's only 3 months old. It's so difficult to get a good picture of her as she keeps moving, and we didn't have our DSLR camera with us. Hubby had to hold her down just to get a pretty good picture.

Active Ginger

We got Ginger for RM1280. She comes with a chip and a cert. Her DOB is 8th Jan 2010. She has dandruff problem (which is very common) and is slowly recovering from it. We'll bring her back to the shop for her bath next weekend cos they gave us FOC 2 bath sessions for her.

We are very proud and over the moon with Ginger! She's now staying with hubby's family, and we'll only bring her to stay with us over the weekend. Maybe on Friday night.

Finally, something that my hubby and I got together. She's a blessing to us and hubby's family.

My lil angel Ginger

For those who do not know yet, our Moniq has left us and gone to heaven. It happened on the 15th day of CNY this year, which was 28th Feb 2010. I didn't mention it earlier cos every time I think of her, my eyes get wet and I can't breathe. The memories of her accepting me the very first time I met her, the times she accompanied me when hubby was working late, the moments she kept me entertained and also protected me... I really missed her.

I can't even continue to type Moniq's story cos I can hardly read my laptop's screen now since my eyes are teary. I miss you Moniq... so soo much.

Ginger is not a replacement, but an extended memory of Moniq. Moniq, thanks so much for all the fond memories we shared together. You will always be in my heart.


uLi.佑莉 said...

She is cute =) Congrats to you guys on the new family member ;)

Michelle Y said...

Thank you thank you! So happy to have her with us. A true blessing to us all :)

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Looking to spoilt your baby pooch? VISIT US!

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