Monday, May 31, 2010

Mother's Day Celebration

A week after Mother's Day weekend, my sister and I brought my mum to Restaurant King Crab in PJ. My mum doesn't eat anything Western, inclusive of Italian. For a typical Chinese, she only eats Chinese food.

Being a fan of seafood, I've decided to bring her to PJ for lunch. Previously, we've only have dinner in Jinjang and around Kepong. This time, we ventured a little further to bring her to someplace new.

King Crab menu

We have this meal for lunch cos my sister and I have to empty our schedule LOL! Yes, my sister is a very busy person.

Appetizer served while waiting for my sister and mum.

Appetizer - Acar

The Yam Basket - Both my mum and sister's favorite! They both love this dish. Everytime we have meals together, they will definitely order this.

This one served in King Crab is very delicious! The yam is so soft and tender. Dip it with chili... Yummy!

Yam Basket

Yet another one dish on my mum's favorite list is the Butter Prawn. This is really delicious as well! Not too oily with a very distinct butter taste.

Butter Prawn

Hubby's favorite! Even until now, when he sees this picture, he will salivate and wants to have it again! He claims it's the soup that makes it real addictive.

"Siong Tong" Clam

My turn! The dish that I order and go crazy over is the Salted Egg Sotong! I really love this dish although I know it is very high in cholesterol. But I can't help it hehehe!

Salted Egg Sotong

The food here is as good as I remember it. I reckon the last time I came here was about a year ago. If we can gather more people to come, then it will be better cos we can then order more variety of food.


Steanie Tai said...

Look delicious.. Happy Mother Day :)

Michelle Y said...

Yes it was! Really good!
Thanks! Happy Mother's Day to you too! :) A lil too late, but then again, who cares? ;p

Steanie Tai said...

As long you do something for your parent, they are always happy :)
My relationship with my parent are better compare with last time, since I moved to singapore.. Spending time with them is precious..

Michelle Y said...

Oh meaning it improves once you have moved to SG? Yeah must appreciate them. Times is very valuable!

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