Monday, May 17, 2010

Sahara Tent for Jeebra

For Jeebra's birthday dinner celebration, we've decided to have it in Sahara Tent. This is my first time to this place. Apparently, the Middle Eastern food here is really up to standard. Might as well try this place together with the folks rite? More food and more companions.

This is what I've ordered, Lamb Kebab. The meat is really tender, and it's very juicy. Though it looks like a very small serving, but it is actually very filling. The bread that looks like naan is not naan. Supposedly, it's Middle Eastern bread.

Lamb Kebab Minced

Shy Flirt ordered this. It is exactly the same as my Lamb Kebab except that this is cutlet instead of minced. Thus, this is not as tender, but nonetheless, very tasty!

Lamb Kebab Cutlet

Jeebra ordered this. Forgot the name, but this is the only dish that we have ordered that has some sauce to it. The rest of the dishes are very dry.


This is ordered by Nutella - the Mandi Lamb. Sad to say, this is the worst cos it was too plain and ordinary.

Mandi Lamb

Rock Chic ordered the Kabsa Chicken. The chicken was really tender and the sauce was just delightful!

Kabsa Chicken

Karma Bitch ordered the Briyani Chicken. The briyani rice was rather pleasant.

Briyani Chicken

Karma Bitch's bf ordered the Lamb Briyani. The same taste as the Briyani Chicken.

Briyani Lamb

These dish of Middle Eastern bread was given free. What sets this apart from the naan that we normally have is that this is thinner and less compact.

Middle Eastern bread

Time for dessert. They have 2 very unique desserts Middle Eastern style. I have forgotten the name though. These pastries are very sweet, and not to my liking. The white pudding-look-alike is some milk texture. The taste is too strong.

Middle Eastern dessert

Some of the pictures taken from that night:

Jeebra with her "resignation" letter

Jeebra with her gift - Topshop voucher

The 2 gay partners

L-R: Shy Flirt, Jeebra

Group picture time!

Happy Birthday Jeebra!
Me lap you veli muchy!


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