Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Malacca - Part 1

The long overdue post on the Malacca trip. Damn, time flies! It felt like just yesterday, but it has been 1 1/2 months since we came back from the Malacca trip.

This 2D1N trip started off with dim sum breakfast in Kuchai Lama. The place was so crowded early in the morning. Really didn't expect the crowd.

Dim sum breakfast

After about 2 hours drive (and at the speed of 170km/h), we finally arrived in Malacca. It rained in the morning, and drizzled a while, but once we stepped into Malacca, the rain stopped. Lucky us, the weather was just perfect!

First stop, the ever famous A Famosa.

River @ A Famosa

Time for a group picture on this bright perfect day.

Group picture @ A Famosa

Some of the guys while waiting for the rest before climbing up to the St. Paul's Church.

The boys

Some of them were grumbling cos they don't wanna climb up the stairs, but no choice. Will definitely have to climb cos majority wins!

Outside of St. Paul's Church

I don't remember this place from my last visit to Malacca. Somehow, this place seems new to me.

Inside of St. Paul's Church

Inside of St. Paul's Church

Us inside of St. Paul's Church

Entertained ourselves and took a few pictures in the ruins.

Jumping picture

Picture with Fung

Bride-to-be and groom-to-be wanna reminisce their memory of pre-wedding picture. Here is a picture of them posing.

Alan & Uli

I really like this picture taken by hubby. I didn't even touch this picture. No color saturation or de-coloration. I reckon it looks good already.

Michelle @ St. Paul's Church

This historic train has been here for ages!

Hubby posing

This "hole" in the wall is at the Stadthuys Building staircase. Trying to do a couple in love picture here, failing miserably obviously.

Alan & N.G. posing

From the St. Paul's ruins to the Stadthuys Building, we moved to the Christ Church Malacca. This red building is a signature look for Malacca. A definite must to visit this place to prove that you have been here in Malacca.

Christ Church Melaka

Us @ Christ Church Melaka

The end of Part 1. Mainly because I'm tired with the picture editing LOL! Will continue with Part 2, starting with an afternoon stroll at Jonker Street.



uLi.佑莉 said...

No doubt my hubby is very good in jumping .... lolx!

Michelle Y said...

LOL I agree! Very impressive!
My hubby said he jumps like tortoise!

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