Thursday, May 13, 2010

Abandoning Bangkok; Greeting KRABI


This is the freaking 2nd time this piece of shit has happened to us. Twice in a row!

To refresh this history, story has to travel waaay back to Nov 2008. In Nov 2008, we were schedule to fly to Bangkok for a 5D4N trip. All I could think of is the shopping and food! After all the planning and thought put into it, just short of 5 hours before our plane was schedule for take off, we received an SMS from Air Asia (AA) that the riots (then was the "Yellow Shirt") has blockaded the 2 airports, hence, the flight has been cancelled.

"Yellow Shirt"

WTF rite?! I was already on annual leave that day, and because we have set our mood and mind to have a holiday, we decided then and there to transfer our flight ticket to Hong Kong and made it a 4D3N trip. Of course, we paid the more expensive air ticket, but accommodation was fairly decent because I found an online deal for last minute bookings.

Now, fast forward to 1.5 years later, we are schedule to fly for Bangkok next Thursday (20th May 2010). We booked the ticket in Aug 2009 during the AA Zero Fare promotion, and it only costs us RM300 for 2! Damn cheap rite? At that time, BKK was as peace as ever.

And who in the world who have thought another group would pop up and create riot yet again?! Like OMG! Really?! AGAIN?!! This time, it is the "Red Shirt" with their demands. This time, they have taken over the shopping district.

"Red Shirt"

Learning from the past, we came up with a contingency plan. If this trip fails, we'll transfer it to either Bali or Krabi. Early last week, there was some positive news from BKK. We thought the Red Shirt will accept their PM's road map and disperse. Then we will be able to go to BKK and enjoy ourselves.

BUT, it seems like BKK has its plan to hinder us from ever stepping our foot into their soil. Just yesterday and today, the Red Shirt has vowed to continue their rally. This situation rings the alarm for us, and today, I made a call to AA to ask for a credit shell so that I can re-route to another destination.

After much trouble and frustration, I've finally gotten the credit shell and transferred it to a new destination for our holiday - which is KRABI!

We will be flying to Krabi on 22nd May 2010, and return on 25th May 2010 - a 4D3N trip. And yes, we obviously have to top up the difference and it's more expensive since the flight is just next week. We played around with the dates, and my advise is that you do the same. Just 1 day difference could bring about a huge difference in the air ticket fare. Our top up was about RM500 for us both, which is reasonable, I would say.

Things for us to do in a week's time is to research this beautiful island, and prepare ourselves. I wanna know if there's shopping, partying, island hopping, swimming, eating, and simply, pure relaxation on the beach.

Woo-hoo! Krabi! I'm excited already!

Leaving this post with this quote I found online, which I reckon is very meaningful:

"One is left with the horrible feeling now that war settles nothing; that to win a war is as disastrous as to lose one." - Agatha Christie

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uLi.佑莉 said...

Aiyah...go with us next time la for BKK. Enjoy ur upcoming Krabi trip ;)

Michelle Y said...

LOL yeah! So jinx wei... Must really arrange to go BKK with you all dy. Then maybe I will be able to go to BKK after this :)

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