Saturday, May 22, 2010

Off to Krabi

I'm now on my way to LCCT by the AA sky bus.

And what a way to start my journey! I forgot to pack my facial products into my luggage!! WTF!
I can't believe this! My most essential travel item! What am I gonna do without my moisturizer, sunblock, etc?

I'm just gonna come home with a very wrecked face! Fuck!

Am in no mood to travel now. I hate my forgetfulness... Sign of aging?
Oh no! My wrinkles will pop up in this 4 days without my facial products!

Crap I feel like an old lady already sigh...


Steanie Tai said...

Oh no! Try to get some of the most important items from Krabi..
Enjoy your trip! Cheer up girl!

Michelle Y said...

Yup I did that... But I can't find the normal products that I normally use. And I really didn't wanna buy all of it at one go.
But I managed to get some products only and used it for survival... Can't complain :)

Steanie Tai said...

For survival.. Good one lol..

Michelle Y said...

Definitely! My skin is suffering now... Too dry and is peeling like mad! :(

Steanie Tai said...

Hm.. must remember to pack your most important beauty kid the next time you go for trip.. Hope you get back your 'original' skin soon :)

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