Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Baby Chloe

The day was yet another normal one. Was at work rushing this and that, when suddenly at about 12.30pm, my phone vibrated. I picked it up and saw a MMS with this picture:

And the sender being one of my best friends, Ying Tzu!! "OMG" I gasped! Quite loudly actually. I open the MMS and it was just this picture with no words.

First thought was YT has given birth to baby CHLOE! We had just met last weekend to watch Sex and the City together and her expectant date is 28th June 2010. And the day I received the MMS was just 22nd June 2010.

I called YT immediately but she sounded exhausted over the phone. She could only mentioned that she's in Gleneagles, and had just given birth at about 11am ++. I told her to rest and texted her husband instead to ask if it's OK for us to be there later at night. He said OK, and we arranged the rest.

Beatrice and I were there by 8.30pm, and YT was just having her dinner. She told us that was already in the hospital since 2am, and the pain started really bad around 6am ++. She said it was really painful and couldn't stand it. The doctor gave her a jab to ease the pain but there was no difference. Then, the doctor gave her the gas also to ease the pain. At first, she didn't want to take it, but she can't withstand the pain, so she took it.

At about 11am++, she finally gave birth to a healthy baby Chloe! Her husband was there to witness the whole thing! He was so brave to that he stood with the doctor to see his baby join us.

This is baby Chloe! So adorable! Weighing at 3.375kg, JT actually called her fat LOL! Ain't she the cutest?!

While we were looking at her, she opened her eyes once a while and had so many facial expressions. Such a darling! We can confirm that she has lovely double eyelids hahaha!

Congrats again to Papa JT and Mama YT! So happy for you both! YT is a brave mum! I really look up to her and am proud of her!

Ps. Beatrice will be the "Grumpy aunt" and make sure that Chloe will be a good girl!


shii teck said...

follows you too. finding your chatbox but cannot get it so I leave comment here. link me pls. XD

Michelle Y said...

@shii teck
Thanks ya! :) Already did link ya!

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