Sunday, June 27, 2010

Wedding invitation card order placed

Finally, we have placed our order to print our wedding invitation card! LOL! I know this was schedule to be done in early June. Well, on my defense, I wanted to go last week or even last 2 weeks. Hubby here is too lazy cos he's watching World Cup!

So anyways, we went back to Nagamas as mentioned previously. They have a few new designs, and yes, being a typical fickle minded people, we changed our minds and selected a different design.
Sri Nagamas Printing House

For myself, I have only one request - which is the card has to be white. The white color cards are mostly catered to Malay wedding cards, but the one that we have chosen is the new batch of designs. It's more casual and relax, I would say.
Orders done!

Hubby wanted it red (typical!), but I insisted on white. He kept asking me why do I want it in white, vice versa. His reason for red is because it's a symbol of happiness and prosperity while I wanted white to beat the traditional style! We finally came to a decision where the card is white, with details in red, and the envelope is red. Win-win for both sides LOL!

Nagamas will send the artwork to us in a day or two, and I'll have to look at it before confirming it. Once it's confirmed, it will only take about 4-5 days to print it out. Total order was 200 cards. This should be more than enough.

Will post up the artwork (if I have the time) once I have it.

Oh! My pre-wedding album design is done! It was actually done last week but I had some part to change and I brought along our dating pictures for them to design. We also chose our album cover and pictures to develop into large photo frames last Saturday. Today, we went to the studio and looked at the pre-wedding designs again and also the dating pictures, and we are very satisfied with it! Now, we'll have to wait for 3-4 weeks for the output, and then we can collect our album! YAY!


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