Friday, June 4, 2010

Drinks @ The Lounge

Hubby and I spent a relaxing long weekend (in conjunction with Wesak Day) just leisuring. We watched Shrek 3 in Pavilion and the movie ended at around 10.30pm, and hubby thought it was still too early to call it a night. He wanted to have a drink but Pavilion was full, and I didn't wanna face the crowd and noise. So hubby suggested us to go to the lounge in Starhill.

We found a lounge in JW Marriott but it was a Middle Eastern restaurant, so we made our way to the center part of Starhill and found a lounge. Menu looks good, so we decided to have our drinks there.

The Lounge @ Starhill

Hubby ordered a glass of beer for himself...


... And I had cafe latte since I need something refreshing. That was exactly what I was given from the latte. The piece of cookie that came with the latte was really delicious! It tasted something like Famous Amos.

Cafe Latte

Feeling a little hungry, we ordered their 3 Layer Chocolate Cake. I like my cake's texture to be loose, but this is the other way. After a few spoons, I feel very stuffed. We both can't even finish this small piece.

3 Layer Chocolate Cake

After about an hour there, we received a call from Penguin Yew. He wants to go for a drink with hubby, so we invited him to join us right there. They ordered a bottle of red wine, and we chatted till about 2am. Mostly were talking about our wedding preparation, and also my dad's impossible comments and ideas. Sigh...

The lounge closes at 1am, but we managed to sit there till 2am which we were then forced to leave because they switched off the lights. It was definitely a great night out. Last time, I used to hate doing this on a Saturday night, but I guess age is catching up. A quiet night with just a few close friends can now easily seal the deal.

Of course, once a while I will still go clubbing and other "noisier" activities LOL!


uLi.佑莉 said...

Next time bring me there ^^

Michelle Y said...

No problem! It's quite a good hang out place. The dudes can drink there while we shop around first.

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