Monday, June 21, 2010

Krabi :: Part Cinco

The final part of our pre-honeymoon Krabi trip!

So, after our half-day city trip, we went back to our hotel to freshen up. When we were done, it was almost 8pm. We didn't wanna try our luck with any of the local restaurants, so we have decided to go to McD's again! Hahaha this is because I saw that they have this in their menu which we didn't get to try.

We don't have this in KL's McD's - the Spicy McWings. It's funny how the name has the "wings" word, but when the food is served, there is no "wing"! It's just the drum part. Nonetheless, it is so crunchy and yummy!
Spicy McWings

Another item on their different on their menu is the Cheesy Fries. We have cheesy wedges in KFC, but cheesy fried? Hmm must try this. And man! This is totally recommended to cheese lovers! The cheese was so overwhelming! Really a savory one for cheese lovers.
Cheesy Fries

After our dinner, we went and collect our pants that we have custom made. Hubby made 2 pairs while I got one done. Total for 3 pairs of pants was RM290! Not bad rite?!
The place where we got our pants custom made

We walked around the street and just thoroughly enjoy ourselves in the local atmosphere. It is our last night here, and we wanna enjoy what we have here.

The next morning, breakfast at the hotel. Check out the view that we face everyday when we have our buffet breakfast at the hotel. Though the food is not fantastic, but the view is!
View from breakfast in hotel

Since it was still early, I went for a manicure and pedicure session, while hubby went for his Thai massage session. Look at my beautifully drawn manicure! Total for the manicure with the drawing was a mere RM30 and they used OPI! And it lasted me for 2 weeks! The pedicure was just RM5! OMG we can never get this in KL!

It is finally the conclusion of the Krabi trip. It was definitely a memorable trip with hubby. Although we didn't make it to Bangkok, but we did make it up with this Krabi trip.

Now, I can't wait for my next mini-trip -- MIRI, SARAWAK in July!!


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