Sunday, June 20, 2010

Betrothal dates - Checked

As instructed by the temple, we were suppose to return to the temple 3 months prior to our wedding date to obtain the dates for the betrothal gifts to be delivered to the bride's family. Since our wedding is in Sept, we went to the temple today with hubby's parents for this.

After our prayers, we sat down and gave our date of birth as per the Lunar calendar. They confirmed that the dates we have chosen for our wedding is a good date for us both. Well, the dates were actually provided by them... and we just choose from the list that they have given us. So yeah... It is suppose to be a good, auspicious date.

So yeah, we have our betrothal date. Initially, they told us that the date for betrothal gift might not be on a weekend. I was thinking "Crap! I need to apply for annual leave"... But then, he said luckily, he got a Sunday for us, which is 12th September 2010. This is roughly 6 days prior to my wedding. He looked at us and waited for our reaction. I was delighted to know that I don't have to take AL for this!

There's also the auspicious timing for the betrothal gifts to be delivered. It is between 9.30am - 10.30am. Apparently, the groom's parents can't deliver the betrothal gifts. The groom's aunt should be doing this. So, hubby has to ask a favor from his aunt.

After getting the betrothal gifts delivery date, we asked for the auspicious time for our tea ceremony. There is the auspicious timing that the groom has to fetch the bride back home, and the bride has to be at the groom's place by that time. The time that I'm suppose to be back at hubby's place is before 11am. Best is at 10.30am. That's really early! That means hubby has to be at by place by 8.30am, whereby the games will start. Then at 9.30am, the tea ceremony will start. Hopefully this will take only 30 minutes because we have to leave for hubby's place by 10am. Which means, hubby's friends have to arrive at his place by 7.30am, at the latest, and I have to start my makeup at 7.30am too! OMG!

Well, this is the initial plan. I really don't feel like following the timing cos it's gonna be a rush, but it is said that if we arrive later than 11am, we will argue all the time! I know this is very superstitious, but then again, sigh... We've already asked for the timing, so we might as well just follow it.

So, heng dais and ji muis, am gonna trouble all of you cos you have to wake up so early!

And this is not our last visit to the temple. 2 weeks prior to our tea ceremony, we have to go back to the temple bringing along a list of gifts. All in Chinese, so I am leaving that to my hubby and his parents to deal with.

Hmm so much to do! So many traditions and customs! So much for trying to keep it simple and be a minimalist. Sigh... so much for trying...


uLi.佑莉 said...

Hmmmm....ask your hubby to bribe us for coming so early...ngek ngek!

Steanie Tai said...

Yes, a lots to b done.. But it's just once in a life time, b cool, don b anxious, b the most beautiful bride!

Michelle Y said...

Muahaha I will let him know, and ask him to do what is "appropriate"! Hehehe!

Yes, so much! Salute to all the brides!
Thanks thanks! Will definitely try to do it!

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