Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Krabi :: Part Uno

Ta-da! Finally, I've done editing the first batch of the pictures we have taken in Krabi. Presenting, part uno of our pre-honeymoon trip to Krabi.

We took the Air Asia flight to Krabi, which was rerouted from our cancelled Bangkok trip. Only one trip per day to and from Krabi. Our flight was scheduled at 1.30pm.

Our passport in preparation to Krabi

I thought we have our plan intact and would have time for lunch in LCCT after checking in, but no... We were quite behind schedule. I used 20 minutes purchasing my facial products, and we didn't have time to have lunch. Was blardy hungry when we were in the plane, so I got this - Briyani Chicken Rice. It's not too bad, but I'd still prefer the Nasi Lemak!

Briyani Chicken Rice

The journey to Krabi took only about 1 hour 15 minutes. After I have finish my briyani, the next thing I know, the pilot was announcing that we were gonna land soon! OMG excited!!

The local time upon our arrival was 2.30pm. We were the first to walk out of the airport because we didn't check in our luggage, so we didn't have to wait for our luggage to be released on the conveyor belt. Damn kiasu rite?! Hahaha! But no choice! We have already used half a day to come to this place. No time should be wasted hehehe!

Arrival at Krabi International Airport

We grabbed a cab from the airport to transfer to our hotel, which costs us 600 Baht. Upon arrival, we were greeted by a group of friendly staff. While I was checking in, hubby went around exploring the hotel and took quite a handful of gorgeous pictures.

Phra Nang Inn @ Krabi

This is one of the pictures - It is almost the full view of the hotel. At first, I was quite skeptical about this hotel because it looks quite old and rundown from the webpage, but it higher than my expectation! The place is really clean and breathtaking! The atmosphere was so relaxing!

Phra Nang Inn view

Check out their swimming pool! Everytime we walk pass this pool, we see the hotel staff cleaning the place and sweeping away the leaves. We kid you not - They are there everytime!

Phra Nang Inn's swimming pool view

After checking in, we were escorted to our room. The room is so cosy! Although they can't give us a queen size or king size bed, but the butler did offered to help us push to beds together, but we declined his help. Hubby wants to sleep separately hahaha!

The beds in our room

But in the end, he pushed the beds together hehehe!

Check out their wardrobe! So cute and creative!

Our wardrobe

This is the view from our "balcony". There is a sliding door in our room that lets us walk out here. These chairs are really comfy! Really the best place to relax and read.

Relax and chill out outside our room

Yay! We are finally in Krabi for our pre-honeymoon trip! Hehehe!

Us @ Phra Nang Inn's room

After some rest, we ventured outside to look for tour packages. Found the 4 Island Tour and bought it, which is scheduled for the next day. That means we have the rest of the evening free! Time to check out the island!

This is the street right opposite our hotel. The whole street sells exactly the same thing hahaha! I didn't get anything cos I didn't see anything I fancy.

Street @ Krabi

This street was just about 200m long... Right after that street, we see many hotels + shops like this. The lower ground is a modern store, and right about is hotel rooms. Stylish huh?

Hotel + Shop @ Krabi street

"Dear, I'm hungry!" - My hubby said.

LOL the nasi briyani didn't quite sustain hubby's tummy. So, we saw this signboard and we had to go in. McDonald's!

McDonald's @ Krabi

Everything in McDonald's is almost the same with what we have here, except for this - The Samurai Pork Burger. Very tasty and delicious! The juicy and tender pork really had me asking for more, but I knew I have to save the space in my tummy for some street food!

Samurai Pork Burger

Walking out of McDonald's, I saw it! Muahaha! The thing I fell in love with in Koh Samui. It is the Thai's pancake. Referring to this post, I'm sure you can tell that I really love this snack. Hubby didn't want it, but I don't care. I ordered the Nutella Pancake, and finished the whole thing by myself hahaha! Oh Lord, the calories!

Nutella Pancake

A rough look at the street in Krabi, I knew that I won't be able to do any shopping. So, we estimated that we will definitely have extra cash remaining. With that amount, I told hubby to tailor-made his working pants since the last time he did it was back in 2007! After much persuasion, he finally agreed to get it done. The deal we got? RM90 for a pair! Good deal huh?

Taking measurements for his trousers

After the measurements are all finalised, we walked back to our hotel, and I saw this! Since my first ever visit to Thailand, I have always have this. This barbeque chicken has always given me the satisfaction of Thai street food.

Barbeque Chicken

We finished our barbeque chicken in our hotel and right after that, hubby wants to go for a massage. Right next to our hotel, there is this massage parlour facing the beach. We got our Thai massage there, and it only costs RM20 per person for an hour of Thai massage.

1 hour Thai massage

Since hubby started his massage first, he finished his session earlier, and went around looking for a nice spot to take his scenery pictures. Check out some of the pictures:

Krabi scenery 01

I like this picture. The stranded coconut on the beach - Cool!

Krabi scenery 02

This is taken from the back of our hotel.

Krabi scenery 03

My turn to take picture of hubby. It was already dark but he refused to take off his cap to take the picture. Hence, the dark shadow.

Hubby after massage

And then his turn to take a picture of me. This time, he used the flash. That's why it looks nicer.

Michelle @ swimming pool

Went back to our hotel after our massage and showered. Then, it's time for dinner. The restaurants there are mostly a mix of Thai with Mexican or Italian or even Indian food. Learning from our experience in Koh Samui, we chose the restaurant that has the most mat salleh. It always prove to be the best place to go for food.

And we chose this - the Tanta's Seafood.

Tanta's Seafood

We ordered the well-known Pineapple Rice. Yummy! Best ever Pineapple Fried Rice. The pineapple taste in this was just so distinct.

Pineapple Fried Rice

Another mouth-watering dish is this Fried Seafood with Cashew Nut. Almost everything in Thai food has cashew nut, and now I know why. It makes it more aromatic.

Fried Seafood with Cashew Nut

One disappointment is this Pork Satay. It was too hard and took me so long to chew it before I can actually swallow it.

Pork Satay

Total was about RM50, including my Pina Colada and his huge Heineken bottle. Quite worth it, I reckon!

Us @ Tanta's Seafood

I really miss the food there. Just looking back at these pictures make me salivate! Hahaha!

Next post - the 4 Island Tour


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RM90 for a pant is cheap!

Steanie Tai said...

Walao so romantic :)

Michelle Y said...

Yes it is! Very cheap! Esp when it's for men. THe material is superb too!
@Steanie Tai
Hehehe thanks! :) Finally a break for us.

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