Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wedding distress

Hmm... It is already the month of June. Which basically leaves me roughly 3 1/2 months to my wedding! *panic* + *excited*

There are so many things to do and arrange but I really have no idea how to start and where to go to.

List of things to do for wedding:

  • Getting the auspicious date for betrothal gifts
  • Arrange for the items to include in the betrothal gifts
  • Finalise the design of our pre-wedding album
  • Decide on the songs for wedding slideshow
  • Heng dai shirt - Finalise the design, double and triple check the artwork and approve it for print
  • Corsages for ji mui
  • Finalise the guest list
  • Finalise our wedding monogram design

  • Food tasting @ Bankers Club
  • Deciding on the cake for our wedding reception
  • Collect our pre-wedding album and decide which picture to develop for family members and friends
  • Wedding card printing
  • Dress for my maid of honor
  • Buying wedding stuff for home deco

  • Send out the wedding card invitation
  • Final touches to wishing tree
  • Wedding gown selection for Actual Day
  • Finalise the songs to be played for march-in, first dance and throughout the dinner
  • Finalise mum's dress

  • Confirm the RSVP list
  • Double confirm the photographer, videographer and makeup artist
  • Research for hairstyle for Actual Day and wedding reception
  • Home decoration
  • Testing of wedding slideshow DVD in Bankers Club
  • Manicure & pedicure
  • Flowers
  • Send our car for deco and get the deco for heng dai's cars
  • & definitely try to stay calm to avoid from pimples popping out on my wedding day!

I guess the list look pretty simple, but trust me, some of these items take forever to do!!! And trying to stay calm and in a steady mind to do all these is quite impossible, to say the least.

I do know there are brides out there that has a longer list than mine, but I can hardly handle this list, what more to add in.

If you ask me, the worst part of the wedding planning is not the wedding per se, but the most challenging part is to get my dad to agree and follow my plan!! I know most of you would think that this is a piece of cake... I bet ya won't say the same after you've met my dad. I had a conversation with him just last weekend to let him know of the wedding progress, and boy! It turned out to be a nasty argument! To say that my dad didn't agree to my arrangement and is not pleased is quite an understatement.

He is really making my life difficult. At times, I really feel like calling the whole wedding off because of his childish and ridiculous suggestions and comments! But then, it is not worth it to cancel the one big event of my life because of this and regret it later in my life rite?

Sigh... I've been bitching about this to hubby, Penguin Yew, Sweet Phoebe and also Shy Flirt... But I still feel the urge to vent! OMG!

*fingers crossed* Everything will work by itself, and it will end happily.
I mean, for God's sake, it's his daughter's wedding - one of her happiest days of her live. Why does he wanna torture me and drag me to hell?! Seriously?!? Geez!


Steanie Tai said...

There are always argument in wedding preparation, but can't imagine it's from your dad... Erm.. for me I think as long both of you and Vincent got the communication and understanding in between, it's more than enough! Coz it's your wedding anyway.. Stay calm.. Everything wil works out great.. I believe God wil always help the good people.. hehe..
Reading your wedding preparation, I feel excited for you, it's coming really soon huh... Stil the same sentence, ALL ALL ALL THE BEST!

Michelle Y said...

Yeah... Well, I myself didn't expect it from either. Until now, he has been giving me problem.
From the start, hubby and I have already decided the game plan... So we will follow with our own plan cos like you said it, it's our wedding! We get to decide.

Yes yes!! Real soon! 3 more months! Hehehe thanks ya! :)

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