Friday, June 25, 2010


It's time again for us to try something new. Since we have just discovered Jaya One, we thought of giving it a try again that weekend.

We wanted to go the Thai food there but it was closed. So our next option was Japanese food, and we stumbled across Kissaten.

Chopsticks in Kissaten

This restaurant doesn't serve authentic Japanese food. It incorporated some Italian/Western aspects in it, whereby pasta and burger were mixed to create an interesting twist.

Pictures framing the walls in Kissaten

It was about 3pm++ when we were there, but this place was almost a full house. It was quite surprising cos the other restaurants were quite empty.

Kissaten menu

Trying to be healthy, I ordered their recommended Bitter Gourd & Cucumber (RM8.90). Right after I ordered it, I was kinda afraid that it will be very bitter, but it didn't. It was actually quite pleasant. And I get to pack on the benefits of these 2 vegetables! Cool!

Bitter Gourd & Cucumber

Hubby didn't wanna have green tea, so he ordered the Salted Lemon 7-Up (RM5.90).

Salted Lemon 7-Up

For my main course, I ordered the Pork Belly Udon (RM15.90). I find that the pork belly was quite raw, but still bearable. Other than that, this dish is actually very appetizing. Fresh hot soup with udon - Yummy!

Pork Belly Udon

Hubby had the Katsu Don (RM16.90). The serving of fried chicken in this was rather generous, and was delicious!

Katsu Don

Afraid that he will still be hungry after his Katsu Don, hubby ordered the Pepper Teriyaki Wings (RM6.90) as well. The picture for this dish illustrated in the menu only had 3 chicken wings, but when it was served, it had 4 pieces! LOL!

Pepper Teriyaki Wings

Definitely worth a visit again.

And then, just the other day, we found out that the Lot 10 food court has Kissaten as well! So much more convenient for us! Will have to go check it out if the food quality is the same as the one in Jaya One.

Level 1 2A-1-1, Palm Square, Jaya One
03-7954 1990

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