Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Wedding card artwork

"So efficient!"

That was the first thought that came into my mind when I saw an email attaching the artwork for our wedding card order in my Gmail inbox. We placed our order on Saturday, and I have the 1st artwork draft by yesterday afternoon! That was fast!

Check it out - Our first draft for our wedding card. This is the second page from a total of 4 pages. Don't freak out! My wedding card is not a textbook. It has 4 pages because it is folded and every side of the paper has some printout. the other 3 pages are OK with minimal errors. This is the only one that has the most, that I felt like highlighting.

Obviously, there are many amendments, which I've circled and labeled LOL!

1 --> This is such a joke LOL! I haven't seen the Mr. & Mrs. Yap since 10 years ago! They are no more Mr. & Mrs. I was laughing at it that I called my mum and told her about it. Of course she freaked out and demanded that I separate the names.
2 --> 'Wamly' invite? LOL what is "wamly"? I guess they were trying to say 'warmly'.
3 --> Wedding 'dinner' is sooooo outdated.
4 --> I've never like the date format that way in cards. I prefer the 'September 25, 2010' format.
5 --> 'Occasion' sounds so boring
6 --> I've never understand the reason to state our ranking amongst our siblings in invitation cards. It's not like being the eldest will have bigger ang pau or being the youngest will get more gifts.
7 --> Just 'R.S.V.P.' looks hanging.
8 --> I've always included my surname since I've started working. Somehow, it looks more "complete".

I think Nagamas has sent us 3 artworks so far for us to confirm, but there is always some error. Hey, I'm not blaming them or saying that they are not recommended. They have changed the artworks so many times but they have not complain a single thing. And it's not exactly their fault (for most of it) because I prefer to use different format or words.

There is a page with the Chinese characters, and hubby didn't check it until I made him check it. Then he realised his dad's and my last name is wrong. Hmm luckily I've made him check. If not, the cards with the wrong Chinese characters will go out to relatives and friends - And what an embarrassment it will do!!

If all goes well by tomorrow, then I will send them the CONFIRMATION. Then, it will take about 4-5 days for the output.


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