Friday, June 18, 2010

Krabi :: Part Cuatro

On Day 3 pm, we were schedule for our half day city tour. We chose the PM tour because I wanna go to their night market. Read about it online, so I was thinking to pay a visit to this place. Since it is located in the city, might as well sign up for the city tour.

A local picked us up at 2pm and drove about 30 minutes to our first stop - Elephant trekking.
Elephant trekking

I am riding the elephant! With hubby as my passenger hehehe! Now, that is something I have not done!Michelle riding an elephant

OK OK! I admit that I was not the one riding it LOL! Not at least for the first 30 minutes! The local was the one riding the elephant when we first started. After about 30 minutes, he go off the elephant and asked if any of us wanna ride it. Since I've never had this chance, I was thinking "why not?!"... And so I made my way to the elephant's head and rode on it! It is definitely much more dangerous than just sitting at the back. One of my hands was holding on to the strap and the other at the chair where hubby is seated. It was quite unbalance, and the ride was quite rocky... But it was fun! Cool experience!

Thanking us

After getting off from our gentle animal, the owners got the elephants to perform a small show for us. They started dancing and do tricks for us. The owner said it is a way to thank us. I reckon that elephants are very smart, beautiful and gentle animal. It's really such a pity to see them chained up.
Performing her tricks

Of course, at a tourist place, they will definitely try to earn some extra money. We were told that we can feed these elephants with a basket of bananas for 50Baht. So, I bought a basket and started feeding them.

I normally just hand the bananas to their trunks, but this elephant's master told me to place the banana in its mouth. I freaked! I didn't wanna do it, but he said it's fine. The elephant opened its mouth and I saw the huge tongue, and again, I freaked out! No offense to Ms. Elephant, but it's too disgusting.

But, I was easily persuaded. The master taught me a way to feed it in her mouth without touching its tongue, and I managed to do it! YAY! Was so exciting!

Feeding the elephants

After that, it was picture time! The master told me to hold its trunks and snap a picture, and I did! Such gorgeous creatures!
Michelle and elephant

Then, it's us with the elephant.
Us with elephant

After the elephant trekking, we were driven to the Tiger Cave Temple, yet another tourist spot.
Tiger Cave Temple

We were told that there are lots of steps leading to the top of the temple. The climb to the peak would take around 1 hour. Just hearing that, my knees went weak, and decided not to go. So we took a stroll around the temple.

The temple was full of monkeys! They were literally everywhere! The temple has found a way to somehow control these monkeys, by having loads of dogs around! No kidding!
Monkeys @ Tiger Cave Temple

We came to this flight of stairs and apparently, it is the shortest, so we gave it a shot. After about 15 minutes climb, we came to a huge platform for prayers and statues of Gods.
Flight of stairs

As we were exploring the place, we came across this monk. I saw him holding bananas and came to this tortoise. When the tortoise sense him, it stuck out its head and the monk started to feed him. Peculiar, isn't it?
Monk feeding a tortoise

Next on our itinerary was the night market. Check out this traffic light. Cool stuff huh?!Traffic light @ Krabi town

When we finally arrived at the night market, I was speechless. Not because of awe, but more like disappointed speechless. Sigh, it was just another market... something like our wet market. It was nothing like the market that I have in mind.
Local food @ Night Market

I was kinda expecting them to sell a variety of stuff, but instead, all I got was fruits, and some local delicacies. Ain't complaining about the delicacies, but would wanna have some shopping experience too!
Local delicacies

This is the local version of our "Chap Fan" (Economy Rice). Look at the pot! It's huge!
"Chap Fan"

Their fried Fish Cake. 10 Baht for 3 pieces. Very yummy!
Fish Cake

And then I found it! The cookie (I call this cookie - No idea what is the correct name) that I've always been looking for in Thailand. I couldn't find this in last year's Koh Samui's trip, but I found it here! It was selling at 1Baht for 1 piece! I couldn't believe how cheap it was! Hubby asked what this is, but I have no idea. The white stuff is egg white whisk in sugar, and it's really delicious! - And that's all I know!
My favourite cookie

After a walk at the night market, we went to the local shopping mall. There, we bought the souvenirs for family and friends.


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Nice elephant trekking..

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Thanks! First time riding an elephant!

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